Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) – Essay

Hazrat Muhammad (Sm)

Introduction : Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) is the greatest and last prophet of Islam. He preached Islam, me religion of peace and welfare. He was not an ordinary man. Allah has directly sent message to him. 

Birth and boyhood: Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) was born in the famous Hashemi tribe of the Quraishi dynasty in Mecca in 570 AD. His father’s name was Abdullah and Amina was his mother. He was an orphan. His father died before his birth. His mother also died in his childhood. So Halima brought him up. From his very childhood, he was called Al-Amin. Al-Amin means truthful. He never told a lie. He tried to help the people in distress. Everybody believed him. Everybody loved him. 

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Hazrat Muhammad (Sm)

In youth : The Arabian society was very dirty and barbarian. At that time, killing, robbery, injustice and barbarism were everywhere in Arab. Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) thought how to remove that barbarism. At the age of forty Allah revealed the first verse of the Quran on him when he was in Hera Guha in meditation. Then he began to preach Islam. Then the people of Mecca could not tolerate him. They made a conspiracy to kill him.

Hizrat and his life in Medina : He tried his best to preach Islam in Mecca but the environment of Mecca was unfavourable. So at last he shifted to Medina as Allah’s order in 622 AD. The people of Medina received him cordially. He established there an Islamic state. At last, in 630 AD he conquered Mecca and extended Islamic kingdom all over the Arab. 

His death : He breathed his last at the age of 63 in 632 AD in Medina. He was engraved beside Masjid-e Nababi. 

Conclusion: Hazrat Muhammad (Sm) was the last Prophet of Islam. He was a perfect man. He practically showed Islam in his life.