The Cow – Essay

Question: Essay on The Cow

The Cow – Essay

Introduction : There are many kinds of animals in the world. The cow is one of them. It is the most useful domestic animal to us.

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Description : The cow is a four footed domestic animal. It has a long head with two horns on it and a long tail. There is a tuft of hair at the end of her tail. Its body is long and covered with soft hair. It has no teeth on its upper jaw. The cow is about six feet long and five feet high. There is a hump on its shoulder which looks nice.

Colour and size : There are many colours and sizes of cows in the world. They may be white, red, black, ash or mixed colour.

Where found : The cow is found in all parts of the world. The wild cows are found in the jungles. It is tamed for its usefulness.

Nature : The cow is a very gentle animal. It does not harm anybody so easily. It gives birth to a calf at a time. The cow eats all day long and chews the cud when it is in rest. The cow loves its calf so much.

Food : The cow lives on grass, straw, bran, hay and leaves of trees. It is also fond of rice and oil-cake.

Usefulness : The cow gives us meat and milk. Butter, ghee, cheese, cream, curd and many other things of food are made by milk. The cow draws the cart and ploughs. Cow Dung is the best manure for us. The hide, bone and hors are also important for humans.

Conclusion: The cow serves us both in life and death. So we should take care of it properly.


the cow essay

Introduction : The cow is a four-footed domestic animal. It is a common animal in Bangladesh and also found in other countries of the world.

Description : The cow has four legs, two eyes, two ears, two horns, a long tail and a long head. Its body is covered with short fur. It has teeth only on the lower jaw. Its hoofs are divided in the middle.

Colour and size : There are cows of many sizes and colours. Some are large and some are small in sizes. The colours of some cows are black, some are white, some are red and some are of mixed colour.

Food : The cow lives on grass. It also eats straw, bran, oil-cake etc.

Nature : The cow is a very gentle animal. It gives birth to one calf at a time. It eats all day long and chews the end at night.

Usefulness : The cow is a very useful animal. It gives us milk. Cow dung is a good manure. Shoes, bags, belts, etc. are made of its skin. Ghee, butter, curd and sweet are made of milk. Button and comb are made of its bones and horns. The ox draws the cart and the plough.

Conclusion: The cow is very useful to us. It is our wealth. We should take care of it.