The Camel – Essay

Question: Essay on The Camel.

The Camel – Essay

Introduction : The camel is a large bodied animal of hot sandy regions. It is the only means of communication in the desert. It is ugly to look at.

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Description : The camel is a quadruped animal. It has slender legs with flat feet. So it can walk easily on the sand. It has a long curved neck and a long head. Its eyes are small. There is a hump on its back. Some camels have two humps. It has a special cell in its stomach to store water in it. Its body is covered with rough brown hair. It has a tuft of hair at the end of its long tail. 

Where found : The camel is found in the deserts of Africa and Asia. They are seen in some cold countries too. 

Food : The camel lives on grass, thorny shrubs, green leaves and vegetables.

Nature: The camel is a very hardy animal. It can walk a long distance without food and water for many days. It is a meek and patient animal. Its sense of smell is very strong. It gets the scent of water from a long distance. It gives birth to one young at a time in a year. 

Usefulness : The camel is of great use to the men in the deserts. It carries men and goods on its back through the hot sandy deserts. That is why it is called the ship of desert.  The Arabs drink its milk and eat its flesh. Fine brushes and blankets are made of its fur. 

Conclusion: The camel is a very useful animal. It is the only means of communication in the desert. So it should be taken care of.

The Camel Essay