The Elephant – Essay

Question : Essay on The Elephant.

The Elephant – Essay

Introduction: The elephant is a wild animal. It is the largest of all land animals. It usually lives in hills and jungles. 

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Description: The elephant has a big body. It has four legs like pillars. It has two large ears. But its eyes are very small. It has a long trunk-like pipe. Its trunk does the work of both the hand and the nose. Its trunk saves the purpose of breathing and lifting water for drinking. It can pick even very small things with its trunk. The male elephant has two white tusks on either side of the trunk. It has a short tail. Its skin is rough and hard. 

Where found: The elephant is found in the jungles of Africa, India, Myanmar, Thailand, China, Malaysia, Srilanka, and in the hill tracts of Bangladesh. 

Nature: Elephants live in herds in the jungle. They are caught by means of ‘Kheda’ and tamed. Tamed elephants are gentle in nature. They are obedient and intelligent. 

Foods: The elephant is a grass-eating animal. It lives on grass and plants. It is fond of plantain trees, sugarcane, and green coconuts. 

Usefulness: The elephant is useful to us in many ways. It is used in carrying heavy loads. People ride on it. It is also used in hunting and in the circus. In ancient times, elephants were used in war. We make many costly things from its tusks and bones.

Conclusion: The elephant is a good friend of man. So, we should be kind to it.

The Elephant essay