The Horse – Essay

Question : Essay on The Horse.

The Horse – Essay

Introduction: The horse is a beautiful domestic animal. It is a noble animal. It is tamed for domestic purposes. It is very faithful to its master. 

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Description: The horse has a strong and stout body. Its body is covered with bright and short hair. It has four legs, two large eyes. Its ears are long. The neck of a horse is long. It has long hair on the neck. It is called a mane. It has a hairy tail. Its hoofs are not divided. It has no horns. So it looks very beautiful. As its legs are strong, it can run very fast. 

Where found: Horses are found almost all over the world.

Kinds: There are many kinds of horses in the world. They differ in size and colour. The Arabian horses are very big and high while Manipuri horses are too small and short. The Arabian horse is very swift. Wild horses live in forests. Most of them are ferocious. The English horses are very strong.

Nature: The horse is very clever. It sleeps standing. It can run fast. If it is trained, it can show many tricks. 

Usefulness: The horse is a very useful animal. It carries men and materials from one place to another. In the old days, horses played a vital role in the war field. The hair of its neck and tail is used in making brushes. Buttons are made of its bones. A circus panty gives various training to the horses for displaying interesting games. It is also used for riding. 

Food: The horse lives on grass, rice, leaves of trees and other plants.

Conclusion: The horse is always faithful to its master. It can sacrifice its own life for the cause of its master. The horse is of great use to us.

The Horse Essay