Write a Composition on The Duties of a Student


Write a Composition on Student and Social Service Or, The Duties of a Student.
The Duties of a Student Composition for class 9 and 10.

The Duties of a Student Composition

Student and Social Service
Or, The Duties of a Student.

Introduction: Society contains all classes of people where they enjoy individual liberty under common interest. Students are also a class by themselves. They comprise a large portion of the society. As social beings Students enjoy certain rights and privileges of the society. As members of a society they cannot remain blind towards their duties for the society.

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Primary duty of students: The primary duty of a student is contemplation that stimulates him to study regularly. So the students should not waste their time, energies, and faculties in fields other than education and learning.

Voluntary services of a student: Achieving good and serviceable education is the main duty of a student. Apart from this, they have some social duties. They have to come forward with the hands of their help and co-operation during national crisis. They should play their role in rendering services to society.

Social service during vacation: Education is the primary duty of a student. So a student should not always remain preoccupied with social works. He should render social services during leisure time or during long vacations. During long vacations, the student can go in batches to the villages and help the people understand the various aspects of our national development projects. They may start night schools to teach the illiterate or adult people. They convince the farmers of the utility of modern methods of cultivation and through practical demonstration show the use of fertilizers.

The role of student in population control: Alarming growth of population is a great threat to the existence of our nation. If population is allowed to increase unchecked and unrestricted our economic security will be at stake. The students may come forward to convince illiterate people of our country of the necessity of family planning removing their prejudice and superstitions.

During natural calamities: During natural calamities like famine, epidemics, and flood, etc. students may come forward with the hands of their help to render services to the distressed. They can raise funds collected from the public and distribute it among the distressed.

Their role in building up the country: Our country wishes to be developed by being assisted by the fresh and brilliant students. So the students should be devoted to their duties disregarding bad habits. We must remember that the student of today is the citizen of tomorrow. He must train himself to be a man who will exercise the rights and bear the responsibilities of a free citizen. He will have to fight for his country in war and govern it along progressive lines in peace.

Conclusion: Students are the future leaders of the nation. So they have many duties apart from education and learning. Their social service must be effectuated duly in order to ameliorate the nation.