Find out how to unlock Mosasaur with JWE 2 Challenge Mode

As many Jurassic Park fans enjoy building world famous parks from scratch and more with Jurassic World Evolution 2 , they may be planning ahead which venture to invest. As players manage the parks, they need to carefully manage their money to make sure they can afford their next research node to get one step closer to the park of their dreams. For many players, this involves unlocking the Mosassaur, the biggest marine reptile in the game.

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Mosasaurus appeared in Jurassic World in an iconic food show scene and grand finale that many fans have never forgotten. when did he come to Jurassic World Evolution 2’s reveal, many fans clamored for Mosasaurus to get added after his absence in the first title. Now that these fans have their wish, this guide can help them unlock Mosasaurus as quickly as possible.

How to unlock no JWE

It may sound scary, but the quickest way to get Mosasaurus in this new Jurassic Park game is to play Challenge mode, as one of the first things players unlock is the Science Center. Unlike Chaos Theory mode, Challenge mode offers marine and flying reptiles right from the start, as long as certain requirements are met first. The requirements are quite simple as players only need to raise their park rating to two stars (2.0 stars).

How to unlock or not mosassauro Jurassic World Evolution 2

Players who want to relive the trailers for the Jurassic World Evolution 2 with Mosasaurus will need a little more time to unlock it, but it’s not too complicated. Once the requirement for the lagoon is met, fans have also unlocked the first node for the marine reptiles, which helps them on their journey to get the biggest of them all. There are nodes to pass to unlock the final prize, but those are also pretty simple. The requirements to get to Mosasaurus are listed below.

It Requirements Reward
Marine Reptiles 1 Increase your park rating to 2.0 stars Ichthyosaurus fossils, Plesiosaur fossils
Marine Reptiles 2A Clean marine reptiles 1 Lyopleurodon fossils
Marine Reptiles 2B Clear marine reptiles 1 and increase the park’s total marine reptile population to 3 Tylosaurus Fossils
Marine Reptiles 2C Clean marine reptiles 1 Eleasmosaurus Fossils
Marine Reptiles 3 Clean marine reptiles 2A Mossaurus Fossils

It’s quite simple in Challenge mode and seems like the fastest way to upgrade these nodes without having extra steps like hidden unlock missions for the nodes themselves. The mosasaur is definitely such a rare find that 2-star parks will certainly have their ratings going up in the same way that the marine reptile will certainly increase the appeal stats in the world. Jurassic World Evolution 2 .

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