Fortnite Season 8: How to Get Kunai Paper Bomb

After what seems like months and months of leaks, rumors and speculation, Epic Games has finally added Naruto and his gang to Fortnite, along with some extra missions for players to complete. For those who don’t know, Naruto is a long-running anime/manga series starring a young ninja from Hidden Leaf Village. For the most extreme fans of Naruto, they might be happy to hear that Kakashi Sensei is now an official NPC, along with Ariana Grande, Scuba Jonesy and Raven.

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After players talk to Kakashi, they can enter a Fortnite questline that begins with players exploring the location of a UFO. After that, they’ll need to attack players with some Paper Bomb Kunai, which is a new item for Fortnite that fits the theme. Naruto / ninja for the questline. The Kunai Paper Bomb deals about 35 damage to other players and can be dropped one at a time. However, when players use all the Kunai, the new mythical weapon will disappear.

Where to find the paper bomb Kunai in the 8th season of Fortnite

In addition to being found as ground loot in Fortnite, players can happily purchase Paper Bomb Kunai from Kakashi himself for some gold bars. To find the location of Kakashi’s NPC, players must go to a location west of Lazy Lake. Kakashi will be near some rocks in the middle of a field. The bomb Kunai it can be bought for 150 gold bars, and Kakashi will normally have 3 in his stock.

Foto: Kunai

Foto: Kunai

Gold bars can be earned by defeating opponents, rummaging through cash registers and opening vaults. Players will retain all of their Gold Bars even after losing a Battle Royale match and will continue to be used throughout the season. Fortnite .

For players trying to complete Kakashi’s mission, attack players with the Paper Bomb Kunai it shouldn’t be too complicated as it can fly very far and cause a relatively large explosion. Players can also try to attack computer-controlled enemies, such as IO guards, and use the Kunai on them. The game may register this as an attack on a player, even if he is not controlled by humans.

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