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Have your own property or a wedding worthy of soap opera scenes? A very frequent question among newlyweds is where to put those hard-earned savings, at a big wedding or when buying your own corner.

In the vast majority of cases, buying a property is on the couple’s list of major goals, sharing its prominence with those dreamed of preparing for the ceremony. After all, both planes are capable of affecting the beginning of a shared life.

But how much does a ceremony actually cost? Will it be possible to reconcile the costs of a wedding ceremony with the purchase of a property, making two such special dreams come true?

If you want to know the answer to this and other questions to make the best decision possible, check out all the information and suggestions we brought you today!

How much can a wedding cost?

Many couples dream of a real and exciting wedding ceremony to celebrate the sincere feeling of love that, in the end, united them in front of family and friends. But, do you know how much a party costs this year?

According to a survey by Época magazine, the value of a wedding and reception ceremony can vary between R$16,640.00 and R$64,630.00, the first amount corresponding to a very simple party and the last to a sophisticated ceremony.

Even hiring companies specializing in the ceremonies market with an affordable budget, it is necessary that the bride and groom have a reserve for unforeseen events and some changes that can make the wedding more expensive.

How to reconcile expenses?

The purchase of a house or apartment is a material investment of the utmost importance for many couples who will start a wonderful life together. But often, this dream is postponed because they believe it is impossible to fully reconcile the costs of the property and the wedding ceremony.

Having their own property can be something truly necessary for those couples in which those involved still live with their parents, after all, they will need more privacy to consolidate their relationship.

To help, we’ve brought you some tips so that the couple can make their two big dreams come true simultaneously, check it out:

Financial planning

The transition to married life requires firm financial planning on both sides.

It is worth remembering that marriage, in addition to happiness, is also synonymous with new expenses! The couple who choose to reconcile the dream of home ownership and marriage need to carefully plan their financial life, in order to anticipate the financing of their own corner.

So, as soon as the couple makes the decision to get together, they need to draw up a plan for their savings and research the opportunity for financing for the property and event consulting companies, in order to have the best budget for the ceremony.

It is also necessary that they organize their personal and couple’s accounts, checking income and expenses through notes in notebooks, spreadsheet or cell phone applications and thus control their accounts and save money.

You will see that this change of habit is an efficient financial education, which values ​​management and conscious choices in favor of achieving the dreams and goals set.

property financing

If you want to combine the costs of an estate and ceremony, one of the best alternatives is to look for a good mortgage. It can be started with an down payment of approximately 10% of the total value of the residence and can reach installments of up to 30% of the family income, enabling the realization of a perfect wedding.

We know that it is not simple to reconcile the two expenses to make such special dreams come true, but with a sincere conversation with the real estate agent, mortgage advice and a good research into the wedding preparations, it is fully possible to agree values ​​for both plans.

Did this content help you? To understand more about the subject and also to reach a perfect property financing for your moment of new plans, check out our article on “How to get the best financing rate for your property?”! And count on the advice of Streamlines Real Estate Credit to get the biggest amount of financing for you.

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