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Deciding on a place to call “home” is, for more than a delightful task, a great challenge, isn’t it? Aligning the characteristics of properties with all the family’s expectations is not usually easy, so knowing the advantages and disadvantages of an apartment or house is a good way to start deciding.

The two types of properties are distinguished in numerous points, greatly dividing the favoritism of the real estate market and serving different types of residents.

If you still can’t choose between a house or an apartment, come with us. We have prepared a content that will certainly help you decide, in a short time, for one of the types of properties.

What points should be taken into account?

There are thousands of factors that truly interfere in the decision of a home. One of the most common conditions is the family’s financial structuring, as it is substantial to invest in properties that fully fit within everyone’s budget, to avoid any headaches.

It is also essential to study and plan, at this time, all the next steps for the residents of this residence: do you intend to increase the family with children in the coming years? And pets, do you intend to have? What are the professional goals of each one?

Only after analyzing all the answers to these questions will you be able to choose between a house or an apartment!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of each one?

Now, to guide you in choosing the perfect property type for you, we have separated the great advantage and disadvantage of each one. Check out:


Without a doubt, the most striking, and often desired, advantage of the house is its immense privacy. In this environment, it is not necessary to share corridors, leisure areas and parking with neighbors and strangers, as only you will live.

Privacy also guarantees complete tranquility in relation to loud noises or disturbances, unlike situations in buildings. In times of pandemic, of the need for a home office structure, this greater peace of mind is very welcome, apart from the flexibility of renovations, as long as the property plan allows it.

The new apartments often have dividing walls, which end up increasing the noise, bothering those residents who prefer silence and peace in their corner.

The residents of the house don’t live only on positive points, right? In general, these properties tend to need more and more maintenance and this happens because of numerous reasons.

It is essential to remember that, for shared environments, in buildings there are professionals who are responsible for maintaining these spaces, which does not usually happen in a house, where all the responsibility for preservation is exclusive to the residents.


As one of the most desired conditions for real estate clients who choose buildings, we have: the greatest security.

In this aspect, the immense advantage of living in apartments is quite visible, being important for those families who travel frequently, have small children or work for very long periods.

The adoption of several security technologies in buildings has been growing a lot. Today, gates are more than just professionals for controlling the flow of people, cars and goods, they have strategic identification cameras and alarms at access gates, ensuring greater security for unit owners.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention as a major disadvantage of the apartments the very little private space for the residents. Especially for those families that have smaller children or animals, this is a very disheartening feature.

In general, there is only exclusivity inside the property, which is also usually more compact, compared to a house, and, in shared environments, everyone is obliged to share the space with other residents and their guests/visitors.

Now that you know the pros and cons of buying a house or apartment and you already know exactly which type of property to choose, run and contact us. Agiliza is a specialist in real estate financing solutions and will approve the highest amount of credit possible, according to your profile, to make the purchase of this property.

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