Netflix Games is already on Android, but iOS players will have to wait

Ever since the day the streaming giant announced it was looking for game content for its entertainment platform, we’ve known that day would come sooner rather than later. Since yesterday, the online gaming service – which still costs a billion dollars – has landed on Android. For iOS, it will be for a later date.

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Netflix Games: cinco games for this premiere on Android

Subscribers of Netflix Games have access to five games through their Android devices. Stranger Things: 1984 , Stranger Things 3: The Game , as well as Shooting Hoops, Card Blast and Teeter Up welcomed subscribers to Netflix who want to enjoy the gaming service.

In fact, these games can be downloaded from Google Play , but their launch is conditioned to the subscription of the streaming platform.

In addition, these titles from the Netflix can be deployed from within the app itself. Netflix . Once opened on a smartphone or tablet, games are organized in a special row. They even have their own guide.

For those first Android games, the Netflix Games trusted the talents of the Oxenfree Night School. It is certain that, soon, the developer will offer titles with greater reach than Shooting Hoops.

Admittedly, the Netfix catalog is still poor in terms of games in these early days. Prior to this global deployment, the platform sought to improve the functionality of its games for mobile, organizing tests in Poland, Spain and Italy.

For now, only Android platforms are supported, but the Netflix ensures that the team is preparing for its imminent arrival on iOS.

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