New multiplayer Dragon Ball game will remind you of DBD

When it comes to video games, the franchise Dragon Ball Z is mainly associated with the fighting game genre. The series’ premise fits perfectly into the genre and has resulted in many beloved titles from games Dragon Ball Z: Budokai to the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ. The series has dabbled in many other genres as well, such as RPGs and collectible card games, but the latest to be announced will see the franchise’s approach to the asymmetric multiplayer genre.

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The one titled Dragon Ball: The Breakers, was leaked earlier on Twitter, but an official trailer was posted online shortly thereafter, featuring a mix of gameplay and cinematics. The game is essentially a version Dragon Ball from the horror game Dead by Daylight. But instead of monsters and destroyers, surviving characters must escape the classic villains of Dragon Ball WITH.

The trailer only shows Cell, the main villain in the Cell saga of Dragon Ball Z as he hunts down survivors and absorbs them to transform into Perfect Cell. But publisher Bandai Namco has confirmed that players will also be able to take control of Frieza and Buu. As for the survivors, they mostly consist of totally original characters, with the exception of the regulars from Dragon Ball Bulma (specifically a younger version of her of Dragon Ball original ) and Oolong, which retains its ability to transform and uses it to disguise itself as different objects.

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