Pirate PS5? Hackers get root key from latest console

From generation to generation, consoles are hacked to perform other tasks, and the PS5 just started down that path. An old group of hackers known as Fail0verflow has made some progress in hacking PS5 , with the console just days away from its first birthday.

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When it comes to hacking a video game console, if someone can breach your security enough and find your root key, they can trick the console into performing other tasks that it wasn’t initially designed for. Fail0verflow notoriously crashed the PS3 in the early 2010s, followed by another hacker called GeoHot releasing the PS3 root key to the public, prompting Sony to take legal action against them.

Console manufacturers implement security to prevent misuse of their products, and naturally, once a methodology is discovered to do this, the manufacturer will likely do whatever it takes to shut it down. GeoHot received a warning never to touch products again Sony.

So far, the Sony made no statement regarding development. Although it is definitely discouraged by the Sony jailbreaking your devices, the problem during the PS3 era was the public dissemination of the jailbreaking process, the release of the PS3 root keys, not necessarily the fact that it was performed. However, the Sony you will probably want to know exactly what Fail0verflow has done to access this information so that you can prevent this from happening in the future. Fail0verflow also soon unlocked the PS4, making the console run Linux and play a modified version of Pokémon Emerald.

It’s quite surprising to see how quickly Fail0verflow broke into the PS5. The most important things to look out for in the future are what Fail0verflow does with your newly discovered information and how Sony responds if you so choose. Considering how Sony is already handling the limited supply of the PS5 , the last thing she probably wants is another process. O PS5 it would have been hacked eventually, but I probably expected it to take a little longer than that.

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