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Ever heard of real estate swap? The term is new to some, but it is already part of everyday life for many Brazilians.

Real estate exchange is an interesting solution for those who want to make simultaneous real estate deals, facilitating transactions.

If you have a property that you want to sell to buy a new property, real estate swaps can be your ally and we’ll explain more about the topic.

Understand what real estate swap is

A real estate exchange works when two people exchange real estate at the same time. For example, a person owns an apartment and wants to exchange it for a house.

Finding an owner of a house who wants to exchange for an apartment, the exchange is carried out.

This type of transaction does not require the goods to have equivalent values, since there may be a financial compensation in relation to the difference in values.

If the homeowner has a property worth R$500,000, and the apartment is R$300,000, the amount of R$200 can be paid during the exchange for the adjustment to be appropriate.

So that both parties benefit from the real estate exchange transaction. Aiming that they obtain the desired properties and can take advantage of this type of transaction.

Property valuation is an important step

When dealing with a real estate exchange, it is always good to emphasize the importance of evaluating the properties involved in the transaction.

In these cases, it is interesting that a professional assessment takes place, relying on the expertise of a good real estate broker.

This way, both will be better protected during the transaction. Bearing in mind that, it is natural to want to negotiate prices so that it is easier to settle the value of the property.

However, when both are aware of the equity valuation, the transaction tends to be less stressful.

After all, everyone involved in the transaction knows the valuation values ​​and their financial possibilities. This results in fairer offers and counteroffers throughout the negotiation. What can even speed up the process of concluding the real estate exchange.

Is the real estate exchange process legal?

Yes! Anyone who chooses to make a real estate exchange is carrying out a commercial transaction with legal certainty.

There must be an agreement between the parties regarding the amounts involved in the exchange. This is often the most stressful part of the process.

Considering that, there is always a bargain on both sides in the negotiation of values. After all, both seek to have financial advantages in relation to the exchange of properties.

After reaching the agreement, both parties need to formalize this agreement through a contract.

After completing the property exchange process, new owners are advised to deed their properties.

So, there is greater security in relation to property ownership thanks to being duly registered in the name of the new owner.

When there is no complementation of the difference in the value of the properties, the real estate exchange exempts the business from taxation of Income Tax. What makes this type of transaction financially advantageous.

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