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With all the changes in thinking, aesthetics and behavior caused by the social isolation of the year 2020, several design trends and interior decoration start to become more and more striking for 2021.

According to the study conducted by the website Modsy, an American online home interior decoration service, the vast majority of people, in present times, preferred the most comfortable and clean environment, not full of frills.

But, do you want to know what will truly be the 6 biggest aesthetic trends for homes and apartments in the year 2021?

So, come with us and follow all the content we have prepared for you!

classic comfort

With all the increase in people’s time in their homes, the search for full comfort and coziness has become essential for the well-being of each of the residents.

Precisely for this reason, those famous traditional prints and cozy furniture that bring an air of rest and tranquility to the rooms come out in the wake of the trends for the year 2021.

With all this, it is also worth remembering that, for more than aesthetics, the practicality and functionality of the furniture and decorations will be one of the decisive points for the choices.

the known old chic

To illustrate this aesthetic, we now want you to remember your grandmother’s house. We’re sure you’ve already seen furniture with big handles, some colors and that cozy mix of textures, are we right?

That’s right, this interior decoration will be in great demand in the year 2021, bringing a very affectionate and welcoming atmosphere to the houses as well.

In this trend we will have the presence of colorful wallpapers and often prints, ruffles in a concept a little more romantic and those rooms very decorated.

Coziness of light wood

With this trend we came to warm the hearts of lovers of Scandinavian decor and more rustic style!

The sophisticated and welcoming touch of light wood should be quite present in houses decorated in 2021. Wood is, without doubt, one of the best materials to adopt the idea of ​​comfort and well-being for all kinds of environments.

This decor also fits in designs that are a little more neutral, and can be combined with shades of beige, green and white in complete harmony.

walls with many colors

Forget the full white-walled storyline now! The real trend for interior decoration in the year 2021 is vibrant and striking colors, especially on walls.

Do you remember that famous purple door present in the series “Friends” with the character Monica? So, it’s worth betting on bold proposals like this to stay in fashion this year.

Colorful and flashy tones, such as the combination of blue and yellow, will certainly invade homes all over the world. In this way, creating a very prominent wall for the home and maintaining a more “warm” and joyful environment.

1980 is back!

Apparently, the old is coming back full force into the homes of thousands of people!

The super sculptural furniture, in very bold and expressive colors, with its glossy and vinyl surfaces and the presence of glass and brass decorations will gain much recognition in 2021.

The aesthetics of the 1980s are increasingly becoming present in our daily lives. And, with interior design it would be no different.

If you want to take advantage of the New Year to buy a house or an apartment to change the air and decorate with all your style, count on Agiliza!

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